Some of you might not know that in her spare time Rachel is an artist.  She paints mixed media paintings incorporating two of her favorite things:  animals and patterns.   Her paintings are available for purchase, and she also offers high quality giclée prints on canvas of any of her artworks.  We’ve decided to start featuring one of her paintings each time we send out a newsletter … after all, what better to warm up the walls of a home than original artwork?  You can purchase prints of her paintings through the website she shares with her father and sister, and you can contact us directly to inquire about purchasing an original.  

Enjoy – and feel free to reach out to us if a painting catches your eye!

This month’s featured painting is called “George.”  About 15 years ago, early in our marriage, Rachel’s sister found a feral cat with a bunch of kittens.  She was able to find them all homes except the black one, because people are still surprisingly afraid of black cats.  (Even though our veterinarian confirmed that black cats are universally the kindest, sweetest cats her office sees… that is definitely our experience!) 

We decided to take the black kitten to be a companion for our Westie.  We determined that – in honor of the Warner Brothers cartoon with Bugs Bunny and the monster in the castle – we would call the kitten George, whether it was a boy or a girl…  (For those of you not familiar with the cartoon, the monster famously pins a struggling Bugs Bunny to his chest and says, dopily, “I will love him and pet him and call him George.”)

We had to put George down this year as her little body was failing her.  She had been an incredibly sweet and funny girl and we loved her and miss her dearly.  She was both strikingly beautiful and a total goofball.  Rachel painted this painting of her against a colorful Moroccan background.  George, this one is for you.

Mixed Media on Board
16” x 20”