As many of you know, Rachel has been obsessed with painting in recent months. After 15 years as a decorative painter creating murals in people’s houses, she’s now focusing her efforts on much smaller canvas. 

Last week she had a painting of hers – “Hey Bear!” – accepted to Yosemite Renaissance 34!  This is a very competitive exhibition which was founded in 1985 to “motivate artists to develop diverse interpretations of Yosemite and its varied landscapes.” Artists from around the country have been showcased in the annual Yosemite Renaissance exhibit for thirty four years. Rachel now joins the ranks of these artists, and we’re so proud!

Yosemite Renaissance 34 will be on display at the Yosemite Museum in Yosemite National Park from February 23rd through May 5th, 2019.  “Hey Bear!” will then join the traveling exhibition at the following venues:  Kings Art Center, Hanford, CA. (June through July), Carnegie Art Center, Turlock, CA. (August through October), and Gallery 5 at Gallery Row, Oakhurst, CA (October through November)

For Rachel, it feels like a bit of a “Hey there, kiddo – you’re going in the right direction” nod from the Universe. It just goes to show you:  you never know what is just around the corner in your life. You never know who you’ll be or where you’ll be or what you’ll be doing even just a few months from now.  

So, we send you this message: Have a wonderful, exciting, joy-filled 2019 featuring all kinds of opportunities and accomplishments you might even not yet have dreamt of!  We can’t wait to see what happens!