I’ve started to produce museum quality blank note cards featuring reproductions of some of my paintings—and I’m delighted to report that they’ve been a big hit! For $27 you can purchase a set of ten note cards with envelopes, choosing from three pre-selected sets that I’ve created. Or for $35 you can create your own custom set of ten cards from any of the cards I have available.

The cards are 7”x5” full color reproductions. You can use them as intended as note cards—or you can create your own custom art from them by framing them with off-the-shelf frames you can purchase inexpensively from places like Michael’s craft store. A 7×5 opening is a standard mat size, so you’ll likely be able to find an 8×10 frame that you like with a mat board already in place. Hang three or four of these in a row or in a square and you’ve created an instant art wall.

If you want to get more creative with your framing, you can have a custom mat cut fairly inexpensively for a much larger frame in the frame department of a Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. This would allow you to have a much larger finished piece of art.

Please visit my website to see the current choices available!  https://www.rachelhurstfineart.com/note-cards