An Amazing Team

An Amazing Team
These two are an amazing team!

You have Travis, who is great with numbers. He gave us an estimate of what we would net from the sale of our house after closing costs, and how much we would be left with after buying another house. This was during the first meeting we had! With all the unknowns
that you have when selling or buying a home, it was great to have some concrete information on all the fees and how they relate to the bottom line.

Then you have Rachel, who has renovated several homes and has an incredible eye for design. She gave us staging instructions, and pointed out value adding upgrades that were very cheap and easy to do. These got us top dollar for our house. She was also an incredible person to look at houses with, because she could determine the quality of upgrades that were already done, and give us ideas for upgrades we could do ourselves, along with ballpark cost estimates.

These two Realtors are responsive, intelligent, honest and hardworking. They are committed to finding the best house for you. They did for us!”