Immediately felt a connection

“While walking through a few Open Houses back in April of this year, we chose to go without Realtor representation. We hadn’t been lucky to meet a Realtor that we felt comfortable with, and our friends weren’t able to recommend a solid Realtor to us. While going through one house, we met Rachel and Travis Hurst, we immediately felt a connection with them. Their interest in our needs felt genuine and their knowledge of real estate and the area were incredibly helpful. We flew back home out of state but maintained communication with them over the course of several months. They were so incredibly patient with us, they were (and are still) very responsive and they’re on Facebook! We are big Facebookers. We are happy to say today we are in our dream home, thanks to Rachel and Travis. They were our Realtors, our therapists – when the husband and I panicked and questioned ourselves – our Texas “yellow pages”, and a part of our life now. I can’t stress enough how blessed we feel to have come across Rachel and Travis. They helped us achieve our dreams and were with us every step of the way. They didn’t sell us a house, collect a check and leave – they’re a part of our past, present and future.”