Smart, funny and helpful

“We met Rachel & Travis Hurst at an open house and decided we gelled with their personalities enough to hire them as our agents to help us find and buy a house, and we’re so glad we made that decision. It was our first house, and me being a detail-oriented person anyway, we had questions.. LOTS of questions. Rachel & Travis answered every one of them super-promptly and super-thoroughly and kept us informed through every step of the process about what to expect next, what to do, things to be aware of, things not to worry about, etc. They have a keen eye and an honest opinion, if you want it, about what houses are too much work, what is just cosmetic and can be fixed, etc and will help you with ideas and suggestions about older houses that need work, if that is something you’re looking at. They’re also very understanding and helpful with the emotional aspects of home buying. When we had a mini-panic attack after making our offer, they walked us through it, assured us it was normal, and provided us with lots of data to back up our feeling that it was a great house and a solid investment long-term. We love our house, and couldn’t be happier with our decision, both on the house and our realtors. PS: They’re a lot of fun to boot. Smart, funny, helpful, and most definitely your advocate!”